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Andrew James Espresso & Cappuccino Coffee Maker

Not been too long since the brand has made an establishment. It was in 2005 they have started the company and has built in high reputation for its products. The luxury stone grill has been patented for its uniqueness and they supply other appliances with high quality and innovative designs which does adhere to the safety parameters. Andrew James Espresso & Cappuccino Coffee Maker is one such which impresses the customers and the following review will gives you better details of this product.

An Overview:

This model is a short and smart appliance suitable for the domestic use which is capable of handling the functions making aromatic espresso and cappuccino coffee. It can operate with the ground coffee, easy serve espresso and coffee pods for which different attachments are been used. Among the many models available in the market Andrew James Espresso & Cappuccino 1050 Watts Coffee Maker is sure to bring out the Italian style in you and the coffee. With the well coordinated design and the style it gives an endless supply of espresso, cappuccino or any other coffee type including the hot water when required.

Design Details:

This model is stylish and has a stainless steel finish. The stainless steel housing adds to the home decor and is also proven durability. It consists of a drip tray, the water tank, the controls and the cup. It operates with different attachments based on the type of coffee used. The complete dimension is 300mm in height, 285mm in width and 225 mm in depth. The weight is not a hinge and it allows shifting the places to the user convenience.

Power and Capacity:

This electric appliance works with the power of 1050 watts which is quite normal for this powerful machine. In just minutes aromatic coffee is been produced with the support of the water tank of 1.5 litre capacity. This gives easily around 6 to 7 cups and is a perfect delight for the full family. This capacity holder really saves time as it allows making more cups in a single go.


This model gives a total coffee solution as it can take coffee beans, pre ground coffee and it can also use the coffee pods to make the coffee. Relishing as per the taste bud is possible and it gives Cappuccino system, Ground coffee and Coffee pods. Along with these are the functions like the cup warmer and water boiler. It can also be used as the steam producer and is perfect for the frothy milk drink.


The controls are simple with a knob that sets the type of coffee that is been preferred. It comes with the indicator light that intimates are a distance about the functioning of the device. Both the drip tray and the water tank are removable for easy cleaning and maintenance. The drip tray helps to keep the environment clean and tidy without much of mess up. The pressure of the pump is 15 bars and it helps to obtain forth in the milk. The stainless steel finish is not much of trouble for maintenance as when wiped with the damp cloth it cleans up the dirt and can easily be maintained new as always.


Andrew James Espresso & Cappuccino Stainless Steel Coffee Maker is an approved one and has been certified for CE, GS and ROHS. The box consists of a manual for the step by step instructions and the warranty for 12 months is been provided by the brand in which it takes care of the defects.

Specification Details:

Brand: Andrew James
Model: Name Espresso & Cappuccino Coffee Maker
Steamer style: Espresso and Cappuccino
Finish: Stainless steel
Power: 1050 Watts
Cup warmer: Stainless steel
Controls: Knobs
Dimension (h x w x d) mm: 300 x 285 x 225 mm
Steam nozzle
Capacity: 1.5 litres
Pressure: 15 bar

  1. Cappuccino system
  2. Ground coffee
  3. Coffee pods
  4. Cup warmer
  5. Removable water reservoir
  6. Water boiler
  7. Steam producer
  8. Adjustable steam emission
  9. Removable water reservoir
  10. Removable drip tray
  11. Stand by function

Indicator: Light
Box contents: Manual
Approval: CE, GS and ROHS
Warranty: 12 months

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